In early 1960 Robert W. Daniels, Jr. (Bobby) and a high school buddy became business partners when they purchased theBobby Daniels local Dairy Freeze. Together they managed the restaurant for the next seventeen years.

   In November, 1977 Bobby decided to venture into the hardware business and he sold his share of the Dairy Freeze to his partner. Then partnering with brother-in-law John Williams, Bobby purchased Bevell's True Value Hardware Inc. from the co-op Cotter and Company, founder of True Value stores. After many years with True Value, Bobby and John made the switch from the True Value brand to Ace Hardware. Two years ago the decision was made to leave Ace and go with Orgill Worldwide Distribution & Retail Services as their main vendor. The company name is now Bevell's Hardware Inc.

   In 1978 Bobby met Lynn Taylor and they were married in January 1979. In May 1982, their son, Robert W. Daniels III (Robbie) was born.

   Bobby, along with his wife Lynn, son Robbie and daughter-in-law Ashley all work at the hardware store. In addition to the family members there are currently 20 full and part time employees at Bevell's Hardware Inc.Valspar

   Bevell's Hardware has a show room floor of over 16,000 square feet and offers a huge paint department with Valspar paints, Cabot stains, brushes, rollers and other paint sundries. Bevell's carries brand name power and hand tools. All of your electrical supplies and fixtures, plumbing and heating, all types of hardware including an extensive line of screws, nuts, bolts and those hard to find hardware items can be found at Bevell's

   HuntingVisit one of the largest sporting goods departments in Southside Virginia for all of your hunting and fishing needs right here at your locally-owned hardware store. Virginia state hunting and fishing licenses can be purchased at Bevell's.

   In addition to the show room area there is a large warehouse and lumber yard just for the contractors and do it yourself folks. Bevell's offers a good grade of lumber, as well as sheetrock, blocks, bricks and much more at very competitive prices with the big box stores. Save gas and time and help support your local economy by shopping at home.

   Bevell's Hardware is involved in the community and has sponsored a Little League team for the Blackstone Recreation Association for years. Bobby donates time and money to many worthwhile causes in the community and will always lend a helping hand to assist with local events.

   Bobby is not just a successful businessman; he is a successful community leader. He believes in giving back to the community.